Good news for South Bay real estate, looks like SpaceX is expanding and will be developing another manufacturing facility here in the South Bay. This one will be in San Pedro, on the docks close to the Terminal Island prison. According to the article linked below this is where SpaceX will build its Big “Friggin'” Rocket – the one Musk proposes to use to get to the Moon, Mars and beyond. With its HQ and primary manufacturing facility at the north end of the South Bay in Hawthorne and this soon-to-be manufacturing facility at the south end, the demand for South Bay real estate should remain strong. Might also make for some good sci-fi movie plots…a bunch of convicts busting out and stowing away aboard a rocket soon destined to Mars…can’t wait!   More about SpaceX and this proposed new facility in this magazine article here “SpaceX indicates it will manufacture the BFR rocket in Los Angeles.”

Update Feb. 2019 – Last month SpaceX pulled the plug on this, deciding to work on their BFR in Texas instead. They also announced that the 10% layoff of their workforce will include 577 positions at their HQ in Hawthorne.

Photo courtesy of SpaceX

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