16 Free Trust, Probate, Senior, & Out-of-Area Seller Services

  1. Property Management – If deferred maintenance is an issue I can obtain bids to reroof, paint, carpet, etc. and put your property into saleable condition at your request.  Furthermore, I streamline the entire process for you, from facilitating your property’s management and maintenance needs to marketing and selling.    
  2. BPO – I provide a detailed Broker’s Price Opinion. This is a valuable tool for use with the Probate Referee or for settling a trust.  I was a licensed appraiser for 10yrs. and completed valuations on thousands of properties.  As such my valuations are water-tight.  I can’t tell you how many properties I’ve seen that sold too low because of weak valuations. That doesn’t happen with me.
  3. Evictions – I oversee the eviction proceedings with the Eviction attorney.
  4. Lockouts – If an eviction was necessary, I meet with the Marshal & locksmith at the lockout and videotape and itemize all personal property, and arrange for auction or storage of the personal possessions.
  5. Rent Collection – I will collect & forward rent made payable to you on rental properties. Also, I own and manage several units in Los Angeles and am well-versed with the city’s rent control laws.
  6. Secure property – I arrange having a locksmith rekey and secure the property.
  7. Utilities – I turn on utilities and handle the billing.
  8. Occupancy Check – I determine occupancy of the property and complete routine occupancy checks for any changes. 
  9. Bids – I do initial walk-throughs with detailed repair lists and receive line item bids from licensed & insured contractors on all repairs.
  10. Supervision – I oversee that all rehab work is done in a professional and workmanlike manner.
  11. Inspections – I do weekly property inspections.
  12. Updates – I produce monthly marketing updates.
  13. Lockbox – I provide a lockbox for maximum accessibility to the cooperating Brokers.
  14. Marketing Plan – I market the property through Multiple Listing Service and on the internet to all local Realtors and Buyers, using professional-quality photos and video.
  15. Negotiate – I professionally negotiate all offers.
  16. Escrows – I oversee each escrow until closing. Truth be told, the negotiating and escrow process are the most critical parts of a transaction.  I’ve helped negotiate & close thousands of escrows during my 30 yrs. as a Realtor, and know how to resolve issues before they become problems.

 I’ve been providing this same set of services to my corporate clients since 1993 – that’s 26 yrs. of experience. Also, there are No hidden fees and No interest charged on floated funds!

I provide full exposure to the market and I don’t represent buyers of my own listings. Buyers often go directly to the listing agent expecting to get a good deal, knowing most listing agents will give away their seller’s bottom line to get both sides of the sales commission. Won’t work with me!  I’m happy representing you only & will fight to get you the best price possible.  Don’t worry, no qualified buyer will be turned away; if they don’t have another agent they’re working with I have access to many capable agents ready to represent them.